I know that

I know that the crowd is usually right. 

I know that no strategy works all the time.

I know that book value and dividends are harder to manipulate than sales and earnings.

I know not to listen to stock tips or market calls. 

I know that buying low and selling high is how to make money. 

I also know that virtually nobody buys low or sells high. 

I know that when something can’t possibly…yes it can, and probably will.

I know that expectations matter a lot more than the actual number. 

I know that calling a top or bottom is not a consistent way to make money. 

I know that the market is always making all-time highs.

I know that there are approximately 4,000 variables that can affect markets. 

I also know that the weight with which these variables affect markets are not constant.

I know that the market is frustrating. 

I know that investing for retirement isn’t supposed to be entertaining.

I know that reading is the most important thing.